"A Toast To 2010 - The Best Year Yet..."

Aahhh, 2010. Two Thousand and Ten. Zweitausendzehn... Twenty Ten.

It is here at last.

2009 represents for me the greatest year of my life, EVER. It was probably the hardest year, one of the most challenging years... maybe the scariest year - but there is no question that so far - 2009 was my best year ever, and I feel so thankful for the past year.

For the one or two people who used to check in with my blog - until I went on a 6 month sabbatical from writing... I am happy to report that I am back at it.

Some of my favorite accomplishments of 2009:
  1. Spent more time than ever with my family
  2. Got to know ME in a new way (thanks to "the 7 Habits", to Rod & crew, my wife, parents, and a few key others... God, DW, R&MP, BB, B&MD, TN, BB, M&MK, R&MP, and few others)
  3. Wrote in my "Gratitude Journal" in all but about 50 days. (320 entries)
  4. Lived through a very tough time
  5. Depended on God more than on myself
  6. Am the best person I have ever been, today.
That said, I missed out on some things too, and I hope I NEVER have to live through another year like this one was, LOL!!!

Goals for 2010:
  1. Keep going with what I'm doing
  2. 365 Entries in my "Gratitude Journal"
  3. Spend more time than ever with my family
  4. Go on 4 vacations
  5. Blog at least 20 times
  6. Finalize and close 0ut the impact of the Real Estate melt down in my life, and move on professionally to create serious, recession-proof financial stability
  7. Give more than I take
  8. Be a better friend to all I know
  9. Be closer to God every day
  10. For the sake of it, should I put "to get in better shape physically" since everyone else is doing it anyway?
I feel as optimistic about things as I have felt since 2005 when my construction company exploded... not that I have a good reason - but I feel so blessed.

I want to thank my wife and my children, my parents, in-laws, and my friends for being by my side through a tough year, and express my love to them, and to all those who may read this...